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How to Bet with Robobet

Winning strategies and tips how to make money in details

  1. The first most important rule. Remember!

    There is no way to win always, but it is posible to win more then loose...

  2. Recomended We recommend you to put the same amount on each bet. You shouldn’t worry about anything, just bet! It happens that even unbelievable coefficients win. However, we don't make a bet on coefficients less than 1.2, because even win seems senselessly. In this way, you can easily count your profit using our statistic, which is shown every day in the bottom of played matches, also you can monitor the statistic for periods such as last 7, 30 days and for all time.
  3. Bet only on big coefficients more than 2.7, because if at list one of your bets win, it will cover others even lost bets. Finally, you get more than loose. There are just a few such matches in a day, but as we said, you need just only one win bet to make profit.
  4. If you are experienced tennis better, you can just use our predictions and statistic to improve you analytic in choosing better solution for your bets.