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Fully automated robot analyzes all matches history, statistic of each player, compare competitors, count bet coefficients and gives the best prediction for staying in profit.

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Our robot during the analysis take into account about 70 parameters for each tennis match containing the tennis player, history of his/her matches, wins, loses, etc. That`s why our predictions are closer to real outcome and take into account moments, which are difficult to count, such as tennis player mood.


Robot learns after all finished matches. It means that day by day our predictions become more accurate. Every calculation is done by special algorithm without any human involvement. We were working on learning algorithm for our robot for almost a year and now you may look on our month statistics, which shows big profit. Now our robot shows the 90% target hit. Moreover, we always work on research of better techniques for improvement of our algorithm in order to provide you high quality predictions.


All calculations done by machine, without any human involvement. The machine doesn`t feel anything, so it allows to analyze the right match outcome with clear mind, thereby the risks of mistakes appearance is reduced.


We are open and show our entire statistic to you 24/7. How you can, you use it? For analysis of further tennis matches For planning your own bet strategy

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